Worship with us at Trinity this coming Sunday

Our Sunday morning opportunities take place at Mennies Elementary School which is located

at 361 East Grant Avenue (near the intersection of Grant and Main) in Vineland.   

Our Morning Service on Sunday July 23rd

Wow... who would have guessed that God would take Saul, a violent persecutor of Christians and transform him into Paul, a servant of Christ and church planter.  Come and see how our God is a God of surprises and how He works in surprising ways!  Join us for the Sunday Service at 10:45 AM at Mennies School.

Adult Sunday School

One of the oldest books of the Bible deals with a very pertinent issue:  "Why do bad things happen to good people?"  This is certainly a difficult question, but Job, perhaps the oldest book in the entire Bible, sheds light and gives perspective to this puzzling reality.  Bob Muessig will be explaining chapter 32 this Sunday.  Our class begins at 9:45 AM at Mennies Elementary School.