Our Building

Trinity owns property on S. Lincoln Avenue in Vineland and we are about to construct a building on this site, a place where we can worship the Lord and come to grow, fellowship and serve one another.  

Many site improvements have been completed on the property.   The building permit was recently granted and construction will begin in late July. Pray for the safety of the workers who will be constructing the building.


Trinity is still offering church bonds to gather finances for the upcoming construction.   These bonds offer an investment on two levels.   First of all, these bonds will have an interest rate that is much higher than any bank anywhere.  And Jesus also indicated that investments in ministry will yield eternal returns in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20). Please prayerfully consider your involvement in this program.

               Entrance off                   South Lincoln Avenue

This photo shows the future entrance to our future church.  The building will be just left of the red vehicle.

  Just in front of the church

If you scroll up and look at the drawing of the building, you will see a flagpole.   In the photo to your right you can spot where that flagpole will be placed!

         Future Parking Lot

Curbs and catch basins are in place in the parking lot.   You can see how much asphalt will be necessary in the parking lot to get it even with the catch basin. There has been extensive excavation of the property in order to assure proper rain drainage.